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Special rendezvous between
WHOO Cheongidan and a global artist

Edition of International Women's Day,
Delivering the beauty and values of the Royal Empress

The History Whoo has been delivering the noble beauty of the Royal Empress
and is now introducing the 2nd special edition in collaboration with Pierre Marie
after Bichup Self-generating Anti-aging Essence Special Edition 2021.
To commemorate the International Women's Day, let us introduce
Cheongidan Special Edition 2022 with the dignity and beauty of the Royal Empress


Pierre Marie

Pierre Marie is a well-known French artist who designs Hermes silk scarf and has multiple collaboration with luxury brands. He first had the collaboration with the History of WHOO to create Bichup Self-generating Anti-aging Essence Special Edition 2021. Here's another special collaboration in 2022. Meet the special package that was born through the special view of Pierre Marie.

Making Film

Course of reproducing the Empress' beauty in Paris, France


Cheongidan Virtual Gallery

Let us invite you to a beautiful and fantastic journey where you can experience art pieces and products that are the motif of Cheongidan Special Edition 2022 as well as the space that is a representation of the Empress' main court.

VR 360¡Æ Art Tour

Have such a vivid experience of the digital gallery
through VR 360¡Æ Art Tour

Cheongidan, a Major Brand of Whoo

One of the WHOO's premium lines containing the Royal secret of Cheongibidan

Heavenly Masterpiece Completed with the Heaven's Will

Cheongidan completes glorious beauty by providing nutrition to your tired skin, and helping your skin glow and lifted.


30 secret Royal recipes are mixed to manage 6 types of skin problems by giving some nutrition and managing skin gloss and brightness in order to deliver glorious light on your face.

Cheongidan Special 2pcs Set

Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer 150ml, 25ml Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion 110ml, 25ml
Radiant Regenerating Essence 8ml Radiant Regenerating Eye Cream 10ml Radiant Regenerating Cream 10ml

View Previous Edition
Special Art Gallery of Bichup Self-generating Anti-aging Essence 2021

Art Gallery of Bichup Self-generating Anti-aging Essence, inspired by the architectural pattern of the Royal palace



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